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From what age can I use the simulator?

Children over 6 years of age can control the simulator and enjoy the flight. They can look at the sights of big cities from a bird’s eye view, and our colleagues are there to help during landing.


Do I need to know how to fly a plane?

No. Depending on our guest’s interest and background knowledge our colleagues will briefly introduce the systems of the aircraft and cockpit procedures and assist the „captain” during the entire flight.


How many guests can participate in the flight?

There are five guest seats in the flight deck. One guest takes the „captain’s” seat and four passenger seats are installed for those want to share the adventure with the captain. (Our colleague assists the flight from the First Officer’s seat.)


Do I have to buy tickets for each guest (captain and passengers)?

No. We are charging for flight time (half an hour, hour etc.) for this fee up to five guests can board the simulator at the same time so, you can share the experience with friends or family.


Only one person can fly?

No. You pay for flight time so you can swap places with each other and up to three persons can fly within an hour.


Only the fix routes, shown on the website, can be flown?

No. There are 24.000 airports and their navigation data programmed in the memory of the simulator. Should you have any special requests, please email us in advance in order to help our colleagues in making the preparation for your flight with navigation data, frequencies maps etc.


Is this simulator really moving?

No. This is a fixed base simulator, however the realistic visual experience is misleading our perception and passengers are leaning towards the turn as in real flight.


What is photo-ticket?

Should you wish to record how your loved ones or friends enjoy flying a 60 ton aircraft we suggest to purchase a photo-ticket which authorises you to take still pictures during the entire flight.


Do I need to book a slot in advance?

Yes, it is advisable. It can easily happen that the simulator is not vacant when you turn up without booking your flight. Extended awaiting time would be inconvenient for both you and us.


How much does the simulator resemble a real cockpit?

According to active 737 pilots the simulator cockpit is 95% equal with a real flight deck. Most important systems are operational and realistically reproduces real flight situations.


Can the simulator be used for flight training?

No. The simulator is NOT approved for official training by the Hungarian National Transport Authority, nor the Boeing Company. However, it can be used by trained pilots for cockpit familiarisation, practicing flight procedures and refreshing practical knowledge after longer pause or before a real simulator exam.