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Be the Pilot - This is for you

  • if you reached the age of eight and wish to experience the pleasure of flying as the pilot of a Boeing 737 Next Generation airliner, 
  • if you wish to present your loved ones or friends with an unforgettable adventure
  • if you have never flown, but you turn your eyes to the sky when you hear the rumbling of a jet engine,
  • if you are anxious of flying, but you would like to overcome this feeling. Our aviation experts demonstrate you the working procedures of the cockpit, in this way helping you understand why flying is one of the safest mode of transport,
  • if you are a simulator pilot, who gained experience in flying simulators on desktop computers and want to challenge your skills in a real-like cockpit,
  • if you are an active virtual airline pilot, and want to execute your scheduled sector flight in a real cockpit,
  • if you are an adventurous Lady who - until now - believed that flying an airplane is only the men’s privilege,
  • if you are a pilot or aviation enthusiast, who has got background knowledge in aviation, and you want hands on experience in flying “Fat Albert”.

In Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we tried to answer questions regularly arising in our guests, if you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.