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Be the Pilot - Now you are the Captain

Experience the pleasure of flying an airliner with the help of our trained colleagues, who let you have an insight into the cockpit workflow of a modern passenger airplane. You can fly the 60 ton airplane yourself at a speed of 400 knots. You can challenge your skills during take-off, cruise and precision landing!


Our simulator flights begin with a brief introduction (3-5 minutes) of the flight controls, avionics and instruments. This introduction largely depends on the level of interest and background knowledge of our guest-captain. Our Guest-Captain, seated in the left hand seat, acts as Pilot Flying (PF) during the entire course of the flight. Our colleague, in the first officers right hand seat, acts as Pilot Monitoring (PM) and provides full assistance to the Captain. Again it depends on our guest’s request the PM can execute some of the tasks during the flight or simply remind the Captain to make the necessary settings.


Please, arrive 10-15 minutes before your booked take-off slot, in order to receive your boarding card, and also have some time for flight preparation.