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About us - Our Simulators

Our 1:1 scale fixed base cockpit simulators are completely realistic replicas of the flight deck of a Boeing 737-800 NG type aircraft, instrumentation and flight controls are fully functional. In the air-conditioned cockpit, our pilots are seated on original airplane seats, four passenger seats have also been installed into the cockpit for those accompanying the “captain”, so they can participate in the experience, they can leisurely watch the pilots executing the flight and enjoy the scenery bursts upon their view.

Three, 60” screens provide the 180 degree view with perfect colours, sharp and detailed scenery. Just like on the real aircraft primary flight, navigation and system data are displayed on six screens (EFIS), and analogue instruments serve as standby. All flight controls and systems that are crucial for executing a flight are fully functioning and closely resemble the original aircraft behaviour. In flight control of the aircraft is done with Boeing replica dual yokes.


Rudder and nose wheel steering (+/- 7°) during takeoff roll is done with fully functioning pedals from both pilot seats. The installed loudspeakers provide realistic sound effects (engines run up, flap movement, landing gear deployment, etc.).

The simulator is NOT approved for official training by the National Transport Authority or the Boeing Company. However, it can be used by trained pilots for cockpit familiarisation, practicing flight procedures and refreshing practical knowledge after longer pause or before a real simulator exam.


In any phase of the flight we can generate different errors (engine failure/fire, hydraulics error, jammed flaps, avionics failures, etc.) with the installed Project Magenta Instructor add-on software. The simulator is suitable for handling asymmetric failures during the flight. After landing ground track and glide slope can be reviewed and analysed. Normally we set up sunny and calm weather as default, but flying in real weather (refreshed every 15 minutes from the internet) or get first-hand experience in flying within extreme weather conditions is also possible on our guest’s request.


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