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About us - Our Conception

Our simulator centre was opened with the intention to provide those in the public who are responsive for and interested in flying, an insight into the secrets of flight deck management in passenger transport commercial aviation.  


The Boeing 737 NG (Next Generation) cockpit simulator proved to be an ideal choice to achieve our goals. The type has been operated by many airlines around the world, therefore the aircraft itself is also recognised by people who are only marginally interested in aviation. Beside its modern, XXI. century glass cockpit instrumentation, it kept the controls which recall the heroic age of the jet airplanes.



At the design of our Simulator Centers (Budapest) we strive to achieve the atmosphere of a real airport, which fascinate every traveler at the moment of entry. We welcome our incoming guests at the Check-In desk, after arranging the necessary administration they prepare to their flight in sorroundings which recalls the atmosphere of an airport VIP lounge.


The decorative elements (metal detector gate, luggage screening), as well as photo gallery briefly introducing the story of the Boeing 737 airliner, all enhance the atmosphere of a real airport terminal.