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New York? Moscow? Seattle?

Stunning sceneries from Drzewiecki Design!





Drzewiecki Design is a company specializing in software development for flight simulators. Their products are designed for professional pilot training as well as entertainment use by flight simulation enthusiasts worldwide. Their software is compatible with a wide range of flight simulation platforms. They create 3D visualizations of real world areas - from tiny airstrips to huge metropolitan areas with thousands of custom-made buildings and several international airports.
The team is made up of experienced specialists from all over the world. Thanks to their specialized programming techniques they can achieve exceptionally realistic renderings of parts of the real world in flight simulators. With their products not only is IFR local procedure training possible but also detailed familiarization with airport layouts and VFR training. The team has been developing flight simulator software since 2003. The brand was created in 2006 and the company founded in 2008.

Their motto:

"We are proud of our passion and we do not compromise on the quality of our products."


In the Budapest City Center Simulator you can enjoy the stunning sceneries developed by Drzewiecki Design. Our collegues are happy to assist you in finding the best, almost photo quality landscapes, so that your simulator experience is raised to higher level.



New simulator - New location!


It is our greates pleasure to announce the opening of our new simulator centre in the heart of the city of Budapest (Budapest, Erzsébet square, József Attila street 22.). In the vicinity of famous sights like the St. Stephen's Basilica or the popular Budapest eye you can live through the thrill of piloting the word's most polular passanger jet, the Boeing 737NG.


Realistic cockpit with 4 additional passenger seats, large LED screens, properly functioning instruments, controls and sounds make your flight as real as possible.

You can choose your departure airport from our extensive database of over 20 thousand airports wordwide. Fly a circuit around Toronto in snowy condition, approach the wonderful Saint Marteen island beach or just enjoy the night view of Manhattan in New York.

There is no need for flight experience as our qualified pilots provide help during the entire flight to make your flight unforgettable. Recommended from the age of 10.


Book your slot now and be the Captain of a Boeing 737!


Phone: +36 20 2 737 800

email: budapest@repulogepszimulator.hu


For prices, opening hours and location please check the Budapest - City Center simulator page.



- NEW - Take your flight video home


Should you wish to make a video of your flight experience with our Boeing 737NG simulator at the Duna Plaza Simulator Centre we can record your entire flight with a DRIFT HD Ghost action camera. After the flight you can take the raw video with you on a micro SD card and show it to your friends and family or share it on the web. Please have a look at our sample videos in the video menu or simply click on the picture. Check pur prices under the Simulator Centres/Budapest menu.



Virtual tour


Now you can take a virtual tour of our Simulator Centre, via the "metal detector gate" you can enter our Boeing 737 NG simulator. By zooming in you can discover the smallest details of flight instruments and displays.